Community Ambassadors

Power Paws intent is to provide highly skilled assistance dogs. There are rare instances when our dogs in training do not meet our high medical or temperament standards. In those cases, we find them mission driven environments or loving homes where they can live as “Community Ambassadors.”

When a dog “decides” he/she will not fit into our four areas of placement (Type I, Mobility, PTSD or Facility Dog), the canine will become “Community Ambassadors” that can support programs using Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI). Coupled with AAI is dogs can be part of programs for Autism, in Art Galleries, Libraries, Reading Programs, Veterans Homes or simply as a Companion. There are limitless options of where AAI can be a resource to the community.

Due to our high success rate, Power Paws rarely have dogs that are “released” from the program. To check availability of a Community Ambassador: 

Call:          480-970-1322 or

Email:        servicedoginfo@azpowerpaws  

Our selection process is based on the (1) suitability of the dog’s needs (2) mission focused serving disabled children or adults and/or (3) the best fits for both the dog and prospective placement. The same way Power Paws places service dogs, is the same way we place “Community Ambassadors.” 

  1. Evaluation of the prospective placement,
  2. Other pets in the home, and
  3. If the Community Ambassador’s temperament is suitable for the prospective environment.

Assistance Dogs

       Diabetic Alert Dogs

       Courthouse/Facility Dog

       Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder*

Empowering Intrepid Warriors (New)

       This program is for veterans serving veterans:

       Training for a service dog for Type I Diabetes, PTSD or Mobility Dogs

       Volunteering to work with a team of veterans to train a dog for a veteran, or

       Becoming part of our internship program learning to become a canine trainer

How can you help EIW?

       For more information:

       Veterans interested in forming a team training a dog for veteran:

       Donating to EIW: click on donate and add EIW program to describe donor designation


Interested in a Power Paws “Community Ambassador”?
Contact us at 480-970-1322 or email your request to