In the News. Power Paws gets a new home

Power Paws is looking forward to 2020 as it will be an exciting and pivotal year for our programs. The groundwork to improve program content and delivery was developed over the last two years. Power Paws engaged the expertise from Intel, Governor’s Office – Social Enterprise Initiative and Experience Matters. We will have dedicated staff to support our volunteer recruitment and community outreach programs. A retired librarian and canine trainer will lead and delivery program content and activities for the Summer Camp and our Reading Program. Enjoy the photos showing our progress in 2018 and 2019.

In January 2018 Power Paws moved into a new home spared by two other nonprofits saving $20,000 annually. The shared space comes with its own set of blessings – as we “share” the utilities. Nina Pulliam Charitable Trust provided a generous grant of $25,000 to cover the rent in our new home. Our facility is a new building with a dedicated training room and administrative offices. Power Paws shares the common areas of the building that includes “adult-size” bathrooms with accessible accommodations. In our training room, we have a fully functioning kitchen that helps accommodate customized training activities.