“Giving Thanks” to our Volunteers and Donors.”

This holiday season is an ideal time to express our thanks, share our excitement and a glimpse of our blessings!

On behalf of our Board of Directors and staff, a heartfelt thank you to our volunteers and donors for their unwavering support and generosity. It’s been an amazing couple of years, and you have been a critical part of our success. With your involvement we raised and trained more than 20 assistance dogs in the last two years and raised $562, 663 to support the needs of our clients.

Giving Thanks to Our Volunteers.  Power Paws’ volunteers have donated over 21,900 hours in the care and training of canines.  They have fostered our dogs through placement in a loving home and donated countless hours diligently training our pups by attending class twice a week for two years.  The gift of time from our volunteers is priceless.  In addition, our volunteers supported veterinary cost for the canine-in-training. Without volunteers, we could not keep the cost of placement low for our clients who are already faced with the financial burden of healthcare for the rest of their lives.  “Thank you.”

Giving Thanks to our donors.  Grants and donations subsidized the cost of placement of assistance dogs by 70%.  These benefits are passed directly to our clients. Every year, our donors support 70% of the cost associated with placing an assistance dog to a client with a disability.  Donations allow Power Paws to offer ongoing training for each placement at no cost for the life of the canine. This year came with special blessings, Power Paws received $70,000 to support a dedicated Volunteer Coordinator for almost three years.  Thank you for your part in our efforts to serve the special needs of the disabled.