Client Application


I need an assistance dog, so what do I do now?
Receiving a service dog is a life changing event. In order to ensure that you will be placed with a companion that will best fit your needs and personality, we require some information to help us make that match a success. We know at times the application process may seem tedious, but rest assured the extra effort will pay off with a service dog that has been trained to empower you for independence!

(Applications can no longer be completed online)

Power Paws requires a Physician’s Prescription and Biography in order to assess our ability to help you.  We ask that you email your information to in the first instance. We will review your eligibility and schedule a time to call you back.  Once we establish Power Paws is able to provide an Assistance Dog for you, we will provide you with instructions to submit an Application.  We aim to provide an Assistance Dog which meets the criteria of the most respected organizations such as AKC (American Kennel Club) CGC ( ANCanine Good Citizen) and Urban CGC in terms of comprehensive training.  ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) requires that a service or assistance dog perform work or tasks that are directly related to the individual’s disability.  Power Paws is dedicated to achieving these objectives.

Do I qualify for a Power Paws Assistance Dog?
Power Paws dogs are trained for diabetic alert, mobility assistance, and PTSS (post-traumatic stress syndrome, previously known as PTSD) for civilians and Veterans. Power Paws does not place dogs for autism, seizures, hearing, seeing, or emotional support.  To search for Organizations that train in these areas, visit

Is there a charge for an Assistance Dog through Power Paws?
Our dogs go through a minimum of 7,500 training hours in their first twelve to eighteen months of training. Once a dog is identified for a Client, that dog will spend another three to six months in Advance Training learning specific skills and behaviors needed by the Client. We work very hard to keep the cost of a Power Paws dog to a minimum. Our research shows that many other Organizations charge upwards of $35,000 for a single dog. The cost of a Power Paws Assistance Dog is $10,000 and includes all training, medical care, and Team Training during which the Client and dog work together in real life situations. The timeline for training is set after evaluation.

We look forward to working with you!