Who We Are

Our mission is to provide highly skilled assistance dogs to children and adults with disabilities, to provide education and continuing support for working assistance dog teams, and to be a resource in the community for people with disabilities.

Ms. Shoshanna Abels founded Power Paws Assistance Dogs, Inc. under the notion that it is the right of every person to pursue the quality of life they want. Growing with a strong dedication to community service, she realized not everyone was afforded this opportunity and wanted to do something to change that. Ms. Abels discovered her passion for assistance dogs when her family became volunteer puppy raisers for several assistance dog organizations. After graduating from high school in 1999, Ms. Abels studied with Dr. Bonita Bergin at The Bergin University of Canine Studies in Rohnert Park, CA, and became the youngest graduate of The Assistance Dogs Institute. After completing the program, she returned to Scottsdale, AZ and turned her passion into reality.  Co-Founders are Robyn Abels and Cynthia Abels.

Incorporated in 2001, Power Paws received its 501 c 3 designation and began training and placing assistance dogs. Power Paws is a fully accredited member of Assistance Dogs International. We have certified 120 dogs and currently have 50 dogs in training.

Power Paws trains Golden and Labrador Retrievers in 90 behaviors to assist children and adults with disabilities. We place assistance dogs for mobility impairments, Type I Diabetes, people affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Digital Evidence Alert K-9s (DEAK-9)

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