Meet the Team

Elaine Starks
Chief Development Officer
Specializing in nonprofit philanthropy, Elaine is a seasoned nonprofit professional with more than 20 years of expertise in developing and executing successful programs in philanthropy. She focuses on the financial needs of each program and provides a structured theoretical and practical applications approach to meeting the agency’s highest financial priorities.

MarLynn Spears
Volunteer Coordinator
MarLynn has 40 years of experience in professional management and leadership. After retiring from her Executive role with the Federal Government, she decided to share her professional experience and passion for leadership by volunteering with local nonprofits.  Now part of the Power Paws team, MarLynn manages volunteer programs including learning and life skills, puppy raising, and community focused initiatives.

Isabel Isaacson
Assistance Dog Trainer
Isabel has been with Power Paws Assistance Dogs for nine years. She started her journey with Power Paws as a 10 year old summer camp attendee. Isabel attended every summer camp thereafter until she aged out of the program at 17 years old. Isabel continued to volunteer with Power Paws raising and training dozens of dogs. Now a full time Assistance Dog Trainer, all Power Paws dogs go to Isabel for advanced training and to learn the specific skills needed for their particular job. A knowledgeable breeder of AKC champion dogs and an AKC judge, Isabel brings her passion for dogs and great training experience to Power Paws.

Kaleia Kramer
Assistance Dog Trainer
Kaleia is a Biomedical Engineer by trade but Assistance Dog Trainer at heart. Kaleia fell in love with training dogs while volunteering with Sparky’s Service Dogs; a partner program with Power Paws and the Arizona State University club. After graduating from ASU, Kaleia started training a second dog for Power Paws and volunteering as a class assistant to Power Paws Trainers. Her willingness to take on every task that came her way and the skills she showed for both training dogs and working with clients prompted us to hire her as a full time Power Paws trainer.