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Gestures of charity come in many forms. Whether you are able to make an online donation, help with a field trip or fundraising event or just want to send an email of support, all are welcomed. Power Paws is a federally registered nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. This means that all donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law, and you can be confident that your donation will further the mission of Power Paws Assistance Dogs.

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Cash for Cars

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Donate your car, boat, truck, motorcycle, RV, snowmobile or jet ski to Power Paws Assistance Dogs through Donation Line, an accredited BBB member with an A+ Rating. You can donate online or over the phone and maximize your tax deduction. Simply complete the Online Vehicle Donation Form or call Donation Line toll free at 1-877-227-7487 anytime seven days a week.

Donation Line, LLC Toll-free phone: 1-888-448-3345 Fax: (860) 228-9037 E-Mail: